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Hey guys, Im Paige and this is a blog dedicated to me and my journey I'm going to take on. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask, ill try my best to answer or direct you to someone who could also help! :) Also, any tips and helpful things you know would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Stay lovely <3

SW : 236
CW: 239
215: Jewelry
200: Outfit
185: Toms
170: Concert tickets??
160: Tattoo?
150: Big tattoo :)
140/145: Belly button pierced and shopping maybe :)


This beats Quaker oats any day! I mashed 5 strawberries into my oats as they cooked, along with some vanilla. Afterwards, I added some granola and a drizzle of honey. Soooo yummy!
Yesterday i actually looked cute 😁Ps if you&#8217;ve never gotten a gel manicure I suggest you do it!! It&#8217;s like the fake nails except they don&#8217;t ruin your nails! I am very happy with them.
Treadmill and stair climber today 😅😅😅😅 gotta love cardio 😋
Arms and shoulders day, done. 💪👍 now a little cardio, then pedicures and coffee 😍



gosh mom I don’t work out to be “cute” and “petite” I work out to have legs that are strong enough to crush the souls of 10,000 men

that´s the spirit

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I have a Starbucks addiction
I feel like everyone is doing great things with their lives and I’m just stuck in my same old routine.




oh. okay, hi.

those hip swings are hypnotizing
Just had 4 pieces of French toasts awwww yeahhh I’m full😁


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The Girl by City | Colour

I wish I could do better by you,

‘cause that’s what you deserve

You sacrifice so much of your life

In order for this to work

this song haunts me. 

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